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Friday 15 December of 2017
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Category: Agriculture

I Regional Meeting of Organic Banana Producers.

Organic banana producers meet in Gáldar.

The municipality of Gáldar hosts this Friday and Saturday, 3 and 4 November, the Regional Meeting of Banana Producers of Ecological.

Homage to the packaging of tomato 3

COAGRISAN censorship exclusion of village packing in the tribute that made the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Since the Cooperative Coagrisan reject the explanations of the Minister for Equality of Cabildo, about that soon will be added ...

Tribute tomato packing

Discomfort in the village for not having the packaging of tomato municipality in the act of homage Cabildo.

What it was intended as an act of consideration and distinction of packing group of tomato by the Cabildo de Gran ...


The revolution reaches the tomato.

A European project is making the tomato is resistant to drought and pests and viruses.

Dam Jumping Dog

Drought affects crops in Gran Canaria.

The council has asked farmers, at the risk of drought, that do not increase their crops in agricultural areas above ...

Water purification

The use of pesticides in agriculture threatens 38% Water in the EU.

Improper use of pesticides and other chemicals in this industry is polluting the water, causing damage to the economy and health.


The ICIA register a new variety of avocado in Europe.

From an avocado seed Antillean La Gomera, printed on the Community Plant Variety Office under the ...

Researchers at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico (Cinvestav)

Tomato extract used to reverse prostatic hyperplasia.

Furthermore it was proved that the tomato extract improves cell regeneration of the organ, lower markers of oxidative stress and ...