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Tuesday 12 December of 2017
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Category: Environment


Two species of tropical corals begin to invade the Canary Islands.

La llegada de los corales tropicales se debe a las plataformas petrolíferas que atracan y fondean en los puertos de Santa Cruz de Tenerife...

Disruptors Food Guide

33 substances damage the hormone system in our food.

The 28% of our food products analyzed have pesticide residues. The percentage increases to 45% en frutas y...


John Deere introduced the first tractor 100% World's electric.

The electric motor starts to become hollow in agriculture.


More than 300 'Observers sea’ contribute to the record of marine life in the Canary Islands.

RedPROMAR contributes to the knowledge of ongoing changes and alterations that occur, tanto a nivel de hábitats como a nivel de...

GC Agricultural Plan

Gran Canaria approves its Territorial Agricultural Plan.

Of the 19.700 hectares are uncultivated, 6.200 They correspond to abandonment of the last ten years.

Map Desertization Spain

The 20% Spanish territory has been desertified.

Un 20% del territorio español ya se ha desertificado y un 1% está degradándose, según concluye un estudio liderado por investigadores...


A new internet search engine, Scotland, plant a tree each time that you use it.

In order to reforest the planet, Scotland intended the 80% of its advertising revenue to create forests in Africa.

Foresta de Gran Canaria

The forest area of the Canary Islands has grown in 79.000 hectares in the last 25 years.

In the period 2004-2014 they have been repopulated in the province of Las Palmas 521,89 hectares and 875,11 in the province of Tenerife, lo que...