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Friday 15 December of 2017
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Category: Rural world

Regional Wine Fair, Canary cheese and honey

VIII Regional Wine Fair, Cheese and honey.

involved 68 wine brands, cheese and honey from all over the archipelago.

Digital Atlas Canary Seed.

Available Digital Atlas Canary Seed.

Agrodiversity Center Palma (CAP) It has made this project that is already available on internet.

Cochineal Canary Islands

Cochineal breeders want to revive the crop.

They have requested 200 hectares to produce under the newly obtained protected designation of origin and could be created 500 jobs of....

Tenerife Rural agricultural routes

Tenerife debuts the "Tenerife Rural agricultural routes" to display local products.

Eleven routes in Rural Tenerife to be held this year will address the characteristics of selected crops.

They talk like them.

"Thus speaks them."

Analysis of status and position of women farmers and livestock on the island of Tenerife 2015.

Moya cheese

Moya opened the cheese to visitors.

At the same time facilitate the direct sale to the public, without intermediaries, and greater economic benefit to the cheesemakers.

V Orange Fair

Fifth Edition of the Orange fair in Telde.

The youth House welcomes this Saturday, 12 of December, the fifth edition of the Orange fair.

Cattle Fair-2011

In 10 years Europe has lost more than the 25 % from their farms.

Eurostat has published a report which reveals the evolution of the farms between 2003 and 2013.