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Friday 15 December of 2017
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Category: Of interest / References

City Tree

An artificial tree to absorb pollution in cities.

The artificial tree "Tree City" is capable of absorbing nitrogen dioxide and particulate air as they would 275...

Tomato plant, Picasso

Picasso's work "tomato plant" to be auctioned.

Picture "Tomato plant" It will be auctioned in London 11 million euros.

Biovessel 1

Biovessel transforms food waste into organic fertilizer.

Biovessel has three compartments in applying the technique of composting.

nougat avocado

Create the first nougat avocado.

Es un nougat truffled, as if it were a bonbon, but in a larger format.


Leneus, organic wines with aloe vera and 'reishi'.

In the case of red Leneus, added therapeutic mushroom used in China and Japan; in the case of white added aloe vera ...


An intelligent hub to improve waste management at home.

Qube also provides useful information about the status of landfilled waste.


Polystyrene dishes will be replaced by the facts with leaves.

These dishes have different shapes and colors and are able to withstand even hot liquids such as soups.

Mega solar plant in Morocco

Morocco installed in their desert the world's largest solar plant.

This mega solar plant will reach the 500 megawatts when fully operational.