wladimiro-rodriguez-britoWladimir Brito Rodríguez.

Exconsejero Agriculture Council of Tenerife. Doctor in Geography from the ULL.

Asprocan read a statement in which banana producers' organizations (UP) state that things are going well. No need to change the management model; it's more, they state that they do proper coordination of the entire production process: production, distribution and marketing (with a lower limit for OPP 30 million kilos) It is efficient, without sprays or internal tensions, we have uniformity and efficiency.

We have today in the Peninsula over fifty brands on the market. The categories we make in the boxes sent to the market are not comparable between entities and, in many cases, SPOs are mere customs agents, since the sale is carried out by several operators in these, in dispersing the necessary competence and homogenization of our bananas.

Our real competitors have a uniform presentation and clear, but above all they can negotiate a much more stable prices than us, we put at the mercy of the market.

At least acknowledged in the recent statement the effort we need to defend the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). It has not been given due importance, and is an element that can help us unify our product and give it a distinct identity.

On the other hand, not wasted to talk about the proper functioning of the market withdrawal mechanism (the infamous pikes ). This year pikes exceeded 10 million kilos, of which they have gone to the Food Bank more than three million, with the expenditure on packaging and shipping, This assumed by farmers. The rest has been destined landfills, in some cases for livestock and compost, and other fortunate cases for the Canary market.

So far this year, the income reaches farmers is about 0,30 € per kilo, while the consumer pays in the Peninsula bananas enter 1,2 and 3 € per kilo, and the Canary Islands, up to 1,6 EUR. Mention that things are fine, that we should not rethink our management system, It is to forget the reality of our farmers, which in many cases they do not cover production costs and are more doomed to ruin every day.

We continue to depend, and every day more, aid of the European Union, and in these last days of August the pike is more than 20% production is cutting. We are not able to sell in the Peninsula six million kilos a week and leave for pica approximately one million kilos weekly.

We need a change of course by the administrations. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Canarian Government should ensure the sector. We can not allow bananas follow the path of tomatoes. At stake is the economy Canary thousands of vulnerable families in our field, but also a landscape and a fundamental part of our culture.

We can not be satisfied with a situation that continues to deteriorate. Bananas from Martinique and Guadeloupe still have a niche market beyond the Pyrenees, while we suffer the saturation of the Spanish market. We listen to our farmers, which are now suffering the most to lose if this situation continues.

Let's not stay still, We seek to improve in a positive spirit of self-criticism, which they seem to ignore the lords of Asprocan.