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If we look at advertising of the two chains that supposedly defend the canary production, Spar e Hiperdino, (that's what they say every time they go in the media), we see how the Pope has become a war between price down between these two chains, colaterares which damage the agricultural sector is suffering.

The price war between these two chains entails that the same may be infringing the Food Chain Act which came into force earlier this year, precisely because this prohibits such practices or malpractices food chains, sales losses.

The price war on facts. Hiperdino supply potatoes to the country 40 cents per kilo. The price of potato production in Gran Canaria ranges from 48-52 cents. The following week Spar offer potatoes in their establishments 35 cents per kilo, how to get to shake, but we Murphy's Law and we know that if something has to get worse there who made a hand, in this case becomes Hiperdino and supply 32 cents per kilo. This war may not end there, thereby may fall further.

We all know what the pope has meant for agriculture and canary canaries. So much so, which until a few decades ago we were exporting potatoes to the United Kingdom. The south of Tenerife when the harvest, It was a beautiful stamp with the terrain with hundreds of sacks and a lot of staff working, now there is also a lot of staff working, but within concrete structures. Gran Canaria was also an important stronghold agriculturally speaking and very diversified production and export, outside the banana and tomato. Today for most farmers, is the pope who supposedly can save the year, but the view is, these prices with more oil gives a brick.

It has it pretty bad the primary sector, because citizens are not aware of what it means to buy potatoes at that price and the damage it does to food sovereignty Canary Islands, because with these prices can not live in dignity field work. With which limits the possibilities of a generational renewal and loss of crops. Let's say we are destroying the environment.

Among those who supposedly defend the canary production, and they filled the mouth of praise for themselves, bringing potatoes and stained with Palestinian blood from Israel, it will not be easy agro canary, united as I said before to a lack of solidarity awareness of citizenship for what the field means.

But one thing worries me more, the silence of professional agricultural organizations in the Canary Islands majority, They not have been seen duster for anything in this important issue for agriculture, but they will know what they do, but with silence in these cases not solve anything.