Flor farmhouse cheese Caideros.Caideros farmhouse vegetable rennet Protected Designation of Origin Queso Flor de Guía, Media Flor cheese and cheese Guide Guide, Island of Gran Canaria, It has been voted "Best Queso de Canarias 2017".

This has been the production's Gold Medal scored under the Official Competition Agrocanarias 2017, event organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and waters of the Canary Islands, through the Canarian Institute of Food Quality (ICCA) What, At last, He has obtained the mention of 'Best Queso de Canarias'.

This edition has rewarded 33 cheeses - with 26 SPECIAL distinctions seven medals. this production, which already he received this award in the editions of 2013 and 2011, It is produced by Cristóbal Moreno and his wife Benedicta Ojeda, one of the few remaining nomadic shepherds in the Archipelago.

The competition this year had 163 participants from all the islands and aims to promote cheeses Archipelago, by providing its quality and diversity, and providing a quality to the winners of the contest, which helps promote the product and marketing improvement.

The Good Shepherd goat smeared with gofio, Gran Canaria, He has received the award for Best Popular Queso de Canarias, along with the recognition that child is awarded by a jury rather than by a panel of professional tasters; and cheese Mónica Rodríguez, sheep and goat smeared with gofio made from mixture of curds, Gran Canaria, He achieved the distinction of Best Organic Cheese.

The award for Best Picture and Presentation went to Las Cuevas semicurado smoked raw sheep milk, La Palma; and Best Cheese Production was limited to Cortijo de Galeote curds of raw milk sheep, and the Good Shepherd, goat and sheep mixture of curds, both of Gran Canaria. The special distinction of child jury awarded Pajonales Bolaños smeared with paprika raw goat milk, Gran Canaria.

The Great Gold were awarded to Maxorata, goat smeared with paprika DOP Queso Majorero (Fuerteventura); the Tofio, goat smeared with paprika (Fuerteventura); Shepherdess, goat and sheep paprika, Fuerteventura; and Andalusian Caideros vegetable rennet, DOP Queso Flor de Guía, Media Flor de Guía Cheese & Guide.

Gold Medals were awarded to Montesdeoca goat rubbed with gofio, Tenerife; Maxorata goat rubbed with gofio, DOP Queso Majorero (Fuerteventura); The ISORANO goat rubbed with gofio, Tenerife; The caves, the Moorish, and El Juncal Garafía, three artisans and smoked cheese DOP Palmero. They add Minervino craftsman, Awara Moon and raw goat milk, both of DOP Queso Palmero; Pavon Cortijo curds and Tables mixture curds, both raw milk and sheep belonging to the DOP Queso Flor de Guía.

The Platas went to El Faro Goat Cheese spread with paprika; Uga estate Secret Majo, ripened goat; both of Lanzarote; Finca Fuente Morales goat smeared with paprika, Gran Canaria; El Topito, Caves and Queen Victoria, all semi artisan raw goat milk and cheese produced under the PDO Palmero; Pajonales Bolaños and smearing goat in gofio (received two awards, one for curing and one for the curds), Gran Canaria.

These awards the Juncal Platas add Garafía smoked artisan cured raw goat milk, PDO Queso Palmero, Naturteno smoked cured raw milk goat, Tenerife; La Pastora goat and sheep curds with paprika, Fuerteventura, and curing Fontanales Bolanos spread with gofio, Gran Canaria.

for islands, Gran Canaria productions totaling 13 Seven awards medals to six distinctions- followed by La Palma ten-nine medals and distinction- Fuerteventura, with five medal-winning, and Tenerife and Lanzarote, with three and two respectively.