Thus the island joins the rest of the archipelago to have a wine cellar with Do Kyung-soo. protected.conatvs toast wine

"Conatvs", the first winery in Fuerteventura in having Designation of Origin, DOP specifically Canary Islands, It has already been presented to society.

Corralejo last Friday hosted the presentation of the first winery of the island of Fuerteventura fully legalized and also the first to be attached to Designation of Origin, more specifically the DOP Canary Islands, in an act amadrinado by the renowned winemaker and taster Isabel Mijares.

conatvs wineConatvs the winery is owned by Pedro Antonio Martin Hernandez and is located in Lajares, La Oliva, being Technical Director - Winemaker Alberto González Plasencia. Conatvs be primarily involved in producing red premium wines.

Canary Wine is pleased to a historic milestone in the Canarian wine sector as it is the first winery in Fuerteventura, besides this being a clear example of the philosophy that inspires the Designation of Origin Canary Islands.

Natural crops avoiding chemical treatments, treatment artisanal small-sized wineries prioritizing jobs and manual operations, integrated into the landscape of vineyards crops ungrafted, free from phylloxera and exclusive varieties many of which no longer exist elsewhere in the world, make Canary Wine and 52 bodegas the ultimate expression of Terroir.

Fuerteventura, In addition, It is underway, in collaboration with the Cabildo of the island through its Ministry of Agriculture, a recovery effort centuries old vines and the collection of varieties of grapes most important canary, all it reinforced by training activities in the wine sector.