bottles-LeneusIn the case of red, added therapeutic mushroom used in China and Japan; in the case of white add organic aloe vera.

wines Leneus It is the result of effort,perseverance and sacrifice to realize a posthumous dream, a dream come true left without having.

The children have built a winery to produce organic wines . Bodegas sources located in Almendralejo, It is built with new technologies to achieve quality wines.

Five brothers and a winemaker organic wines made with aloe vera and 'reishi', in which the excellence of the wines antioxidant and regenerative properties bind.

winemaker, Jose Luis Cruz, considers important "health care". "We are what we eat, but also what we drink. We are faced with two wines-a white and a red- which they are more than wine ", explains Cruz.

red, 100 % ecological tempranillo, It contains 'reishi', a mushroom used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine with therapeutic properties. While white, of Extremadura local variety 'cayetana', is added aloe vera juice.

The first is a wine "with the full force of tempranillo, with a touch of smoky wood and brush strokes, and a slightly bitter finish ", explains the oenologist. In the case of white with aloe vera, as well 100 % ecological, the wine is "creamier, wider in the mouth and fruity force ".

"Wine can be a wonderful tool to introduce natural products in our diet", Winemaker notes.

Before adding the 'reishi' and aloe vera, Both wines are born in the 'Bodegas Fuentes', Almendralejo (Badajoz), that have 200 hectares of vineyards and are the germ of wines Leneus, in which only ecological farming techniques used certified.

Retrieved wine, the creators of these two products introduce dust 'reishi' ecological 100 %, -Ganoderma lucidum fungus- It used for thousands of years in China and Japan; and aloe vera juice also ecological.

"We use the juice because the plant, as such, It contains aloin, that is laxative and we do not want. The juice has all the properties of aloe least aloĆ­na ", explains the oenologist, who has remarked that both natural products are beneficial to health.

"It's what I call as healthy pleasure", indicates Cruz. Aloe vera stimulates the production of bacterial flora, It is perfect to heal intestinal ulcers and a great channeler when removing toxins, among other properties.

On the other hand, the 'reishi' is a good complement to cardiovascular disease, combat fatigue and is an antioxidant.

"With all this we have created what we understand can be the healthiest in the world for their huge estates wines and believe it is a product that is worth knowing", declares Cruz.