Tribute tomato packingWhat it was intended as an act of consideration and distinction of packing group of tomato by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, has ended up becoming an act of reparation that, in the municipality of La Aldea, He has outraged the entire community.

From the announcement of the event last Friday and which, according to the invitation of the Cabildo, he met a hundred women from the municipalities of Gáldar, firgas, Wit, Saint Lucia and Agüimes, from the village began to wonder Why was not available to women in this municipality.

The answers came from the Cabildo They failed to provide the necessary balm to soothe the tremendous anger which continued to rise over the weekend. As they appeared news or reports on the ceremony held, irritation and anger erupted on social networks and blogs Village.

announcementIn order to stop the villager cabreo, the Council issued a note in which the Minister of Equality Area, María Nebot, "He regretted that this time they could not be present many other women, as Township Village, although they will be on the tour that begins now with this new project. "

Among the criticisms and recriminations that were reaching the Cabildo, through all possible avenues for inexplicable oblivion, included the actions taken by women in the municipality as the hunger strike who performed seven women of the village to reclaim the dignity of the entire sector (Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria) and "not only carry out the strike by women in our municipality".

Many villagers and village reminded the Cabildo in the threads of the social networks that already have a section of the new road to reach the capital and in the city have vehicles and public transport, to make the trip to the capital, “if that area the reason for the problem”.

Other criticism remembered that many years ago, Project Community Development Village He has been doing a commendable job with many of the women who worked in more than thirty packaged who came to be in the city. This project has "made visible" the hard work of these women on stage in the Canary Islands, Many of the Peninsula, Europe and Latin America.

From the producers of the municipality They have deeply regrets this deplorable forgetfulness What, Once again, It comes to affect the isolation that we suffer at all levels, In addition, is an intolerable lack of respect they now seek to solve with a tour that will take place for the rest of the island.

Were Many women who worked in the packaged tomatoes and there are many who are still. It is having been the tomato crop export the main economic engine of much of the last century, It led to the migration of population inside the island, and even other islands.

Without a doubt, It does not explain how the "insular" institution limits tribute to the women in their call packaging, women from five municipalities. Unpardonable forgetfulness and relief.