Homage to the packaging of tomato 3Since the Cooperative reject the explanations of the Minister for Equality of Cabildo, about that soon women will join La Aldea.

President of the Cooperative COAGRISAN, Juan José de el Pino, has failed the performance of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to discriminate against women tomato packing Village, in homage ceremony held last Friday at the headquarters of the insular institution.

Del Pino regrets that the official announcement will only be counted with women from five municipalities: gáldar, firgas, Wit, Saint Lucia and Agüimes. This approach discriminates not only the women of the village but also those of other municipalities of Gran Canaria, who also they worked in the packaging of tomatoes.

The village, today, remains the only municipality in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands whose economy is based, mainly, in tomato crop export and, In addition, He came to house more than thirty packed.

Coagrisan president rejects the explanations given by the Minister for Equality in the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, María Nebot, lamenting that the women of the village could not have attended the tribute. It is normal that if you do not invite may not be, which it is a relief and discrimination, He protested del Pino.

Women La Aldea, Farm, sharecroppers and packaging have suffered the rigors of twice. The activity itself the isolation suffered by the municipality was added until a few decades ago.

In fact in La Aldea, through the Community Development Project, It has been developing a commendable job for over twenty years, in which women who worked in tomato have had and have a very important role.

Not having had the village women and those of other municipalities, Of course neither honor nor justice for the tribute, organized by the maximum insular institution, it must ensure and make sense prevail over any other island.

COAGRISAN president concluded that there were seven village women, packaging and farmers, which they staged a hunger strike a week to reclaim their dignity and that of the whole sector in general. That was a lesson in decency, nobility and, above all, solidarity.