Biovessel 1It has three compartments in applying the technique of composting.

Food waste is one of the great challenges facing society today. However, most are not aware of the enormous amount of food that end up in the trash. These leftovers then rot and produce methane, greenhouse gas that influences global warming than CO2.

In order to offer a solution to this problem, surge Biovessel, an invention of the Taiwanese company Bionicraft which converts waste into organic fertilizer.

Nature has its own way of dealing with organic waste. In the natural environment, soil, earthworms, water and light work together to decompose organic matter gradually over time.

Earthworms are a vital part of this ecosystem, as they consume and decompose organic matter into smaller pieces and are also responsible for mixing the soil layers, allowing nutrients disperse through the soil and be available for bacteria and fungi, decomposition.

Biovessel 2To carry out the process, the Biovessel (which is shaped like an elegant planter), uses three compartments with earth, worms and sawdust for composting with food that is deposited there.

The size of the top caps and the exact points that are placed are decided according to their relative roles. The vents in the top caps mimic the patterns of spirals sunflower seed, using the golden ratio and air permeability as parameters, We obtain the optimum state for internal environment.

Food waste takes seven days to be processed and the result is a fertilizer that can be used in other flowerpots, ornamental plants or the garden itself.

“The main objective of the project is to raise awareness on the issue of food waste” afirma Chen-Hsiang Chao, inventor of this contraption.

Chao added that Biovessel has been created from the data collected and compiled from over 20 months of biological research, experiments and observation about the process of decomposition of food waste. Documented information from these observations and experiments were then translated into quantitative data. The ecosystem that creates Biovessel defined by nature and design is best suited for its inhabitants and is the most effective and convenient for users.

You can see how this invention works in the following video: