nougat avocadoEs un nougat truffled, as if it were a bonbon, but in a larger format.

Its creators are two young confectioners, Damian Ramos and Sebastian Guerrero, who run a bakery in Caleta de Vélez, Málaga, that started as a family business in 1820 and which it has already been five generations, are the authors of this new.

Damian and Sebastian are cousins ​​and for some years to this part no one Christmas in which not surprised with some original and exclusive nougat made with products clearly malagueños.

In 2013, they did with the first nougat cake Algarrobo. The next year, launched a nod to the tropical sector of the province developed the first nougat mango Spain.

Last Christmas launched a nougat sweet wine, Zumbral, wineries Dimobe, with jasmine, the smell of Málaga. This year, how could it be otherwise, your bet is no less striking. It is a nougat avocado, Star fruit of tropical crops in the province; lime and Himalayan salt.

"We've been working on this product for a year, until we have achieved the flavor we wanted ", Damian says, for whom the result is a "fine and surprising product, somewhat greasy, avocado for creaminess, and even risky.

People who have had the chance to try loves. According confectioners, in its development use only avocado Axarquía, which it is the area of ​​the province with the largest implementation of this tropical crop, Himalayan salt and the Malaga company Savonela.

"Es un nougat truffled, as if it were a bonbon, but in a larger format. It consists of a 'crumble' almond, that's the part of nut bearing the nougat; another is the 'ganache' lime and avocado with chocolate blanc, Himalayan salt, pepper and sugar. The only preservative which carries are sugars, so it is totally natural ", Damian explains.

The product, which it is already on sale in their bakery Caleta de Vélez, it is marketed in tablet formats and ingots at a price of eight ten euros, respectively.

Both cousins ​​regularly participate in conferences and courses with great pastry chefs around the world, in an attempt to always keep up. Three years ago they launched another creation that consolidates year after year, the anchor of the Virgen del Carmen, in homage to the patron saint of the sea and fishermen.