tractor-electricThe electric motor starts to become hollow in agriculture.

John Deere, the iconic American company that has been manufacturing agricultural machinery from 1837, It has begun adapting to the changing trend and has already released what will be the first electric tractor: SESAM (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery).

The official presentation will take place at the International Agribusiness Show (SMOOTH) to be held in Paris 26 February to 2 March of 2017, However, already they are known some features.

The tractor will have two engines 100% Electric that will feed a huge battery capacity 130 kWh, allowing you to give a total power of 400 Hp and a top speed of 30 km / h. As for autonomy, will be of 55 kilometers if it is road driving and four hours if you talk about working in the field.

Under normal conditions, a motor is used for driving while the other will be used for the PTO shaft and â ???? â ???? hydraulic system. But if necessary, the two engines can be combined to provide power either drive or PTO.

Among the advantages that highlights the firm highlights its contribution to the fight against greenhouse gases, a considerable reduction of engine noise and a much cheaper than a diesel maintenance in addition to having a simple mechanical.

John Deere says it is the world's first electric tractor, While it is true that other industry giants such as New Holland leads from 2011 working on hydrogen fuel cell engines. In this case, hydrogen is used as an energy source to produce electricity.