Map Desertization SpainA 20% Spanish territory has already been desertified and 1% It is degraded, It concludes a study led by researchers from the National Research Council (CSIC).

The results, updating based on two measuring systems, They have been published in the Revista Science of the Total Environment. This work contributes to the establishment of an Integrated System for Evaluation and Monitoring of Desertification, primary objective of the National Action Program to Combat Desertification, published in 2008.

In this work, led by researchers Experimental Station Dryland Almeria, They have developed two tools: a map of the earth condition to find out the status of land degradation and trends, and a set of simulation models for each landscape desertification detected in the program, to estimate the risk of desertification five representative cases and establish the hierarchy of the factors involved in the process.

"The first implemented simulation models show that arable crops affected by erosion are the most likely to total desert landscape. In addition, in each land use considered, the dominant climate factors are beyond socioeconomic ", explains study director, Jaime Martínez Valderrama, CSIC researcher in the Experimental Station of Dryland.

The work has been produced with the support of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Institute of Economics, Geography and Demographics, the Center for Human and Social Sciences.

The researcher warns, However, "It is necessary to study more cases to cover casuistry offered by the Spanish territory and allow analyzes play in different places. Until that task is completed will not be possible to obtain robust conclusions and generalize the results exposed ".

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification It entered into force on 26 December of 1996. Today it has been signed by 191 countries, including Spain.

All signatory countries are required to develop and implement a National Action Program to Combat Desertification, which is the main commitment made this agreement. Spain published its plan in 2008, through the centralization of various efforts promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and environment. The Arid Zone Experimental Station has participated from the beginning in its preparation and drafting.