QubeQube also provides useful information about the status of landfilled waste.

Madrid startup Smart Qube It is designed the first intelligent hub for domestic waste, an innovative and unique product in the world with Internet developed technologies of Things to facilitate the management of waste and contribute to environmental protection.

Like this, Qube seamlessly integrates technology, design, functionality and sustainability and allows real-time, through the screen and mobile app, the state of waste discharges and the quality of domestic recycling; "Besides, its incentive system through gamification teaches recycle getting better ", Smart Qube explain sources.

In this line, in statistics, reports of kilos of waste generated, the amount of CO2 saved the environment with recycling or position with respect to other users of Qube in the recycling ranking; "Thus it gives the possibility to know at any time what real impact is being achieved with recycling", detailing the sources.

On the other hand, Qube also provides useful information about the status of landfilled waste: when the garbage was removed last, how many bags are or how is purifying the bucket the pill CleanBin. It can also be programmed to alert the user if temperatures rise sharply or if not detected presence in a given time period.

All this is made possible by technology and internal components, highlighting the WIFI , USB, the screen 4,3 inches, LED indicators, removable battery maximum autonomy, weight sensors, temperature, humidity and presence, among others.

Design and functionality

The design of the two models Qube, black and steel, It defined by their distinguished, rounded lines reminiscent of a high-end appliance; and they are made of sturdy materials as its stainless steel casing with anti-fingerprint system, ensuring maximum durability.

"The hub developed by Smart Qube not only offers elegance and modernity, but also it characterized by an innovative multi-compartment to store the waste in the same space ". To do this, Qube offers two models, one of two buckets and a three buckets, They totaling all 80 optimized liters capacity in minimum space.

Finally, its cover is automatically operated with only hand and bring CleanBin pill, based on natural products, Qube keeps inside disinfected and perfumed; Likewise, also it incorporates a storage space, account and easily remove garbage bags without spilling any residue.