bar ProGofioHarinalia Canary creates this novel product that helps the body recovery after physical exertion.

The Canary Harinalia Group - specializing in products and accessories for the bakery business, pastry and ice cream oriented industrial sector and to food- It has launched Progofio. Is about an energy bar cereal, designed to activate the body and delay fatigue against any physical activity, What Its main ingredient is complemented gofio and Canarian banana and honey Tenerife.

Vicente Diaz, Cetecal manager, Group Harinalia branch dedicated to the production of flours from different cereal and food preparations, He explains that "we wanted to give the gofio a different application that usually the canary consumer is accustomed, taking into account the possibilities of this highly digestible complete food, high nutritional value, Local and origin minimally industrialized, if one considers roasting and grinding grain flour for, and we decided to go for the field of dietetics ".

[quote]Gofio used for the making of this bar is composed of wheat multigrain, corn, garbanzo, barley, Soy, rice, mijo y lino.[/quote]

The result has been a powerful energy source satiating effect which can be consumed, not only for sports enthusiasts, but by anyone at any stage of life in which you are, from children to seniors. It is conceived as a healthy snack to recharge forces to perform physical activity and also lives up to its definition because "really works for what it is designed".

Progofio which is marketed under the brand Quanarian (Quality acronym Canarias)-, recently honored with a bronze in the Canary Design Awards in the category of Naming and presents wrapped in an attractive package in crimson and silver colors.

This has been the result of months of work and research between Harinalia Group and an expert in Pharmacy, specializing in sports nutrition. The goal was to find a balanced formula that would shape the composition of this product.

Gofio used for the making of this bar is composed of wheat multigrain, corn, garbanzo, barley, Soy, rice, millet and flax, or what comes to the same thing, slow carbohydrate absorption half.

To this main base is added a banana compote Canary Islands which serves to complement the part of the minerals and sugars. It is fresh fruit that is produced at the same time the bar is fabricated and is not the result of a jam processed as they can be found in other snacks of these features.

The fat fraction comes from almonds, in charge of providing the essential amino acids, while vitamins incorporate them honey Tenerife that "part of owning a home warranty, their nutritional value and freshness are superior to other industrial honey and extra ", besides royal jelly and pollen. The protein intake puts the egg and, Finally, Molasses Molasses is responsible for linking each and every one of the ingredients.

Progofio, which is launched with the slogan "Finally a natural ally that helps you improve your performance", It has become the sponsor and collaborator of different sporting events that have been organized in the Canary Islands in the past year and has been delivered to the participants as a gift or supplies in many physical tests.

The most recent the Tenerife Blue Trail, Half Marathon City of La Laguna, Mountainbike test Hoya del Abade, the Gran Canaria Walking Festival, Anaga Marathon K42, Source High Vilaflor Trail, in addition to its participation in fairs such as those organized by the House of Honey in El Sauzal, among other activities.

Designed for athletes although not exclusive, this new product represents a real food challenge. The essential thing is to differentiate against the wide range of supplements that are marketed to be more competitive.